How to do Function X Cross Chain Transaction


Function X is a cross chain blockchain that exists on both Function X Core (frc-20) and Ethereum (erc-20). To switch between frc-20 and erc-20 network we have to do a manual cross chain transaction to swap the tokens. In a cross chain transaction coins are destroyed in one network lets say erc-20 and created in another network which is frc-20 in this case.


Step 1: Send Function X to erc-20 address in the wallet from any exchange like Kucoin or any wallet like Metamask where your Function X coins are available. To buy Function X read this article How to Buy Function X (FX) Coin or buy from Kucoin.


Step 2: Send some Ethereum to Ethereum address in F(X) wallet. Send atleast 30$ of ETH for cross chain transaction which involves Ethereum network. Send more than 30$, since ETH network has high volatility for fees, so. If you don’t have any ETH buy from Kucoin.


Step 3: Add Function X as asset in F(X) wallet.


Step 4: Select the ERC-20 address of Function X

Step 5: Add the amount of Function X, you want to transfer from erc-20 to Function X core frc-20.

Step 6: Enter the Function X Core (frc-20) address with prefix fx. Then click Send.

Step 7: Click Confirm on next screen to confirm the cross chain transaction.

Now you can wait for Function X cross chain transaction to complete in next screen. Once transaction is complete, it will show success for both Ethereum and F(X) core networks.

Now Function X coins will arrive in your F(X) core frc-20 address.

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