How to Buy Function X (FX) Coin


Function X is on a number of Exchanges like Kucoin, Uniswap, Upbit etc but Kucoin is the best for buying from anywhere in the world and with less fees. Kucoin has FX-BTC pair and FX-ETH pairs. Also another advantage of buying in Function X in Kucoin is, it does not require KYC, so you can buy anonymously. Recently exchanges like Binance has made KYC requirements mandatory. So Kucoin is the best option here. Now lets look at step by step guide on how to buy Function X coin. Function X has the potential to be next Solana.

How to Buy Function X on Kucoin?

1: Go to Kucoin website and make an account if you do not have one. You can choose Email or Phone sign up option.

2: Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum to Kucoin. If you don’t have any Bitcoin or Ethereum you can buy it using Debit or Credit Cards under Buy Crypto section. Kucoin also allows peer to peer (P2P) trading.

3: Go to Markets section and search FX. Then click FX BTC pair. This will take you to the trading page of FX BTC pair.


4: Enter amount of Function X to buy, for example 1000 FX. Then click Buy. Now the Function X coins will be deposited to your address.


About FX

Function X is a coin with cross chain support and is a proof of stake blockchain. It’s main net blockchain went live on July 6th 2021 after almost three years of development. It operates on both Ethereum network as well as native FX core networks. Function X currently has a supply of around 400 million and a max supply of 1.89 billion. Check Function X explorer and official website of Function X.

If you want to stake function and earn some FX coins while holding, read this detailed staking article for Function X. Currently the APY is around 31%. Pretty good returns to earn interest for your Function X holdings.

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