Function X coin : Quick Overview


Function X is a cross chain proof of stake coin that exists on FX core and Ethereum. It’s main net stage 1 was launched on July 6th. It is a decentralized ecosystem and consists of a FX blockchain, FX OS, FXTP transmission protocol etc.

  • Delegate Function X coin to validators to earn good apy around 44%
  • Ethereum crosschain is live and Binance crosschain support (under testing).
  • 1 – 2 second confirmation speed
  • Token creation without coding skills (under development).
  • Blockchain phone OS.
  • FX Decentralized Exchange (under developement)

Function X Team

  • FX CEO : Zac Cheah (was part of Opera and W3C)
  • FX President : David Ben Kay (was part of Microsoft and Ethereum foundation)

Useful Links

The aim of Function x ecosystem is to create a decentralized network that does not rely on any individual, organization and structure

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